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How to find the best carry-on luggage for your travels. - Travel Essentials

How to find the best carry-on luggage for your travels.

Along with knowing how much you’ll spend at the gym on workout clothes and work-out classes like Yoga and Tap, I’ve produced a list of the cheapest carry-on luggage options that can get the job done.

Here are some of my favorite brands for getting your feet in the middle of the tushy.

New Balance Double Touch Suitcase

Pros: Ideal for kids and adults alike

Flexible roll-to-roll wheels and modular external carry handles make the carrying handle smaller

Looks more expensive than it is

Surprisingly lightweight

Easy to carry both on and off planes

Cons: The rolling wheels are short

Not a hard-shell suitcase

Not adjustable

No shoulder strap or brace for maximum comfort

Rim Rack Delica Foldable Backpack

Pros: Loads of hidden storage

Straight across design

Super comfy shoulder strap

Willing to fit in your work bag or purse

Provides lots of interior space

Cons: Not a hard-shell

Definitely a backpack.

Hard-Hided Canvas Airplane Bag

Pros: Hard shell construction

Constructed for long-distance travel.

Large carry-on size.

Cons: Hard to carry up the steps to your plane.

Not a soft-shell and likely to get some fraying at the edges.


So, which one of these bags is right for you? Here’s my guide.

Stick with the airline carry-on size and you’ll be good. My bag is exactly the right size for my carry-on suitcase.

Here are my top choices based on price and travel style.

Eagle Creek Stroller Buggy Carry-On $72.95

The Eagle Creek Stroller Buggy will fit in your carry-on or the bigger of your two suitcases. Plus, the hard-shell construction ensures that you’ll have a hard-shell bag that can withstand daily use.

My favorite features are:

Dual wheels for maximum control

Wide fabric roll-out shoulder straps

Outdoor-safe mesh interior

Wide removable roll-up shoulder strap

Carabiner handle for easy stowing and free hand

No lid or lid covers to roll up, so it looks like you’re flying in style

There’s no seal on the bottom, so you can slide your shoes into the inside for extra insulation

Nest Dual Leather Backpack Bag $143.75

Even though I can’t yet fit the Nest Dual Leather Backpack in my carry-on, the size of my bag is huge enough to fit in the spare suitcase I bring on longer trips.

My favorite features include:

Easy to fold down for easy packing

A solid hard-shell design with tons of internal pockets and quick access for accessories

Three short straps and a flexible carry handle for carrying the bag and stowing it away

I can adjust the volume and make sure my laptop fits in easily

Yes, it’s expensive, but the Nest features will get you through long trips with ease.

Still confused on which bag is best for you? Check out my video below:

Don’t be afraid to go smaller.

The smaller your bag, the better. My bag fits in my carry-on with room to spare.

Many of these bags are marketed as “budget” but, since the price doesn’t reflect the quality of the bags, I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot on the larger versions.

I wouldn’t spend more than $100 for a hard-shell and $40 for a soft-shell.

But, if you want a high-quality bag with lots of storage space, you’ll want to consider the bags above.

My favorite travel tips will help you get the most out of your carry-on bag.

Clean the bags regularly with a brush and make sure the straps don’t get warped or broken.

Get a good bag brush for maximum efficiency

Wear the bags on both shoulders when they’re fully loaded so that you can use both shoulders to carry the bag.

Try and use one shoulder when stowing the bag so that you don’t risk the bag flying off or ripping out parts of your shoulder while stowing or carrying the bag.

Make sure the luggage has the right fit for you.

Be realistic with your packing and don’t try to cram in every possible thing you could possibly want to bring. This makes the bag much heavier and harder to maneuver and it can get worn out before you get to your destination.

Pack efficiently and make it easy to get the bag onto the luggage scale and off your shoulder.

Take plenty of snacks and water.

Bring a travel blanket to protect the bag from the heat, cold, and rain.

Water resistant bag lining is not just for swimming.

I’m a huge fan of stocking up on snacks and having a small cooler to keep my snacks cold while I travel.

If you’re packing lots of snacks, pack some flasks or water bottles with you to refill when you run out.

You’ll get lots of bonus points on your bag if you pack additional bags inside the bigger bag, like extra clothes, a bag full of snacks, a backpack for the extra snacks, and an insulated cooler for the extra snacks.

If you’re worried about your bag getting stolen, I’d recommend getting an electric lock.

You’ll make your bag much more likely to get snatched from your rack at the airport.

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